Our History

Drawing on a Rich History and Accomplished Track Record

Although a newly formed entity, Continental Holdings Corp. (CHC) traces its origins back to 1941 in Sichuan, China, where Continental Engineering Corp. (CEC)’s predecessor Wei Dah Corporation was originally established by founder Glyn T. H. Ing, a visionary leader in the field of civil engineering. An integral part of China's national post-war reconstruction efforts, the company was renamed Continental Engineering Corporation (CEC) and relocated to Shanghai in 1945, where it continued to contribute to the post-war rebuilding effort. In 1948, CEC relocated once again, this time to Taiwan, where the company has since engaged extensively in national infrastructure construction and engineering projects and real estate development for the last half century. 

Growth and Evolution

With the maturing of Taiwan's infrastructure market, the number and size of public construction projects has shrunk dramatically. In response to these changes in the domestic market, CEC has also applied its unparalleled experience in infrastructure construction and engineering projects as a springboard for expanding into the Ryukus, Malaysia, Singapore and other international markets since the 1960s

In 1989, the founder of CEC strategically expanded the construction and engineering business to meet overseas market demand. This strategy has translated into investment in American Bridge Holding Company (ABHC) to secure access to markets in the Americas. ABHC is a holding company of American Bridge Company, American Bridge Manufacturing, American Bridge International and American Dock and Transfer. In the last decade, American Bridge Holding Company began targeting projects for specialized structures requiring a high level of technical sophistication, such as the Bay Bridge, the world’s longest high-level bridge, successes in which paved the way for the company’s transition into the role of general contractor. Equally important, recognizing the great potential of the Indian infrastructure market, in 2005 CEC established a 100% owned subsidiary, CEC International Corporation India (CICI). CEC has since successfully participated in MRT, railway, special economic zone (SEZ), highway, and roadway projects in many areas of the country. These examples illustrate CHC’s vision for further expanding its presence in overseas infrastructure markets.

Today, through its flagship member company CEC, CHC has participated in construction and engineering projects across the length and breadth of Taiwan. More recently, CEC has also participated in the construction of the high speed railway BOT project, contributing to a key part of Taiwan’s transportation infrastructure that has changed the lifestyle of the Taiwanese people.