CTCI - HDEC (Chungli) Corporation

CTCI - HDEC (Chungli) Corporation is a SPC (Special Purpose Company) formed by HDEC and CTCI, a chartered company in response to the Chung-Li area sewerage system BOT project in Chung-Li area, Taoyuan City.

To accelerate the construction of a sewer system in the Chung-Li area, Taoyuan City Government’s Chung-Li area sewerage system BOT project leverages private sector resources and expertise. Through this model, the public sector can acquire the talent, capital, technology and management efficiency of the private sector to improve the sewage treatment efficiency in Taoyuan County further benefitting the development of wastewater treatment industries.

The primary task of CTCI - HDEC (Chungli) Corporation is the construction and operation of a sewer system in the Chung-Li area. Besides the construction, operation and maintenance of the system as stated in the contract, the company will strive to create an ideal living environment in the Chung-Li area, building on its commitment to quality excellence.


Details of the project

Chung-Li area sewerage system BOT project

Planning, design, construction and operation of a public sewer system (including sewer network system and household connection-pipes) and a wastewater treatment plant in Chung-Li area, Taoyuan City, Taiwan

  • Project concession period: 35 years
    Start date: August 2016
  • Project scope
    1. Construction and operation of a sewers network system
    2. Construction and operation of a 156,800-ton wastewater treatment plant
  • Project scale
    Population served: 612,000 persons
    Length of sewage distribution pipelines: 246,250 meters
    Numbers of household connection-pipes: 199,970
    Wastewater treatment capacity: 156,800 cubic meters/day
    Treatment process: The Level 3 biological treatment process will be adopted for wastewater treatment in compliance with effluent standards; sludge will be treated by way of anaerobic digestion, generating methane for energy reuse inside the plant.
  • Project Investment
    Construction: NT$15.3 billion (US$474 million)
    Operation: NT$5.1 billion (US$158 million)



Contact information

Telephone: 886-2-3701-5000
Fax: 886-2-3701-2333
E-mail: [email protected]

CTCI - HDEC (Chungli) Corporation
13F, No.95 Dunhua S. Rd., Sec. 2, Da-an District Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)