Corporate Governance

Continental Holdings Corp. (CHC) adheres to the following principles as a publicly-listed company in establishing an effective corporate governance framework:

  • Protecting shareholders' interests
  • Strengthening the duties of the board of directors
  • Utilizing the functional roles of supervisors
  • Respecting stakeholders’ interests
  • Improving information transparency

CHC’s board of directors has seven directors, each with different professional backgrounds. In order to reinforce the supervision and managerial functions of the board of directors, three of the directors are independent. Moreover, an audit committee and a compensation committee, convened by the independent directors, have been set up to assist the board of directors to efficiently manage matters taken up by the board. CHC’s senior executive management has been fully empowered by the board of directors to carry out operational activities to meet established goals. Appropriate internal control systems are also in place to ensure the implementation of CHC’s bylaws and operational rules and to advance business performance.

Corporate governance is the cornerstone of sustainable business. CHC’s strong board of directors and executive management team ensure that the group’s corporate operations are efficient and effective, the financial reports are reliable, and the regulations are observed. Corporate affairs are also monitored and evaluated through an internal audit system executed by an independent Internal Auditing Office.

The following organizational chart reflects the matrix of responsibility with regard to the corporate governance at CHC.

CHC Organizational Chart