Continental Engineering Corp.

Continental Engineering Corp. (CEC), headquartered in Taiwan, is CHC’s flagship company and a leading construction and engineering contractor widely recognized for having completed over the last decades a wide range of public infrastructure and private-sector construction projects across the whole of Taiwan. CEC has also extended its operations into the overseas markets of the Ryukus, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and India, where the infrastructure market is growing rapidly.

Over the last half century, CEC has participated in infrastructure construction and engineering projects spanning military installations, factories, power plants, highways, tunnels, bridges, mass-rapid transit (MRT) and the high-speed rail system, demonstrating CEC’s significant engineering technology and civil construction capabilities.

In addition to infrastructure construction, CEC has successfully completed the building of many public and private-sector projects of importance, including hospitals, hotels, commercial and office buildings, university complexes, educational and research facilities, as well as the development of CEC-branded multi-story condominiums and new residential town communities.

As a highly experienced infrastructure and building construction contractor adhering to strict international standards, CEC is able to provide its clients with the highest quality construction and economic benefit. Given the wide scope of its capabilities and the technical complexity of CEC’s projects, the company has established an enviable reputation for its technological expertise and innovation in the construction and engineering fields.

Following the spin-off of the company’s development-focused business operations, CEC is refocusing its business development strategy on its core strengths to accelerate technical, operational, and structural growth and increase the proportion of self-performed construction and engineering projects through the development of innovative engineering technologies with the aim of boosting the company's competitive position in strategic international markets.

Executing an operational strategy developed on its core construction and engineering business, CEC will continue to effectively build upon over half a century of experience in the infrastructure engineering and building construction industries, while expanding operations in overseas markets, particularly Asia.

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