North Shore Corp.

The North Shore Corp. was established by Hsin Dar Environment Corp. as a chartered company to build then operate the New Taipei City Danshui Area Sewer System BOT Project. 

In order to accelerate sewer system construction in the Danshui area, the government of New Taipei City implemented the "New Taipei City Danshui Area Sewer System BOT Project" via a BOT (build-operate-transfer) approach. As an effective method for enlisting the manpower, funds, technology, and efficiency of the private sector in the area of sewer system development, this approach in turn has helped to improve New Taiper City sewage treatment ratio while also spurring the development of sewage-treatment related industries.

North Shore has a primary mission of building and operating the Danshui area sewer system BOT project. North Shore will continue to uphold the outstanding traditions of CHC member companies and devote itself to creating a finer living environment in the beautiful Danshui area by maintaining a quality-oriented corporate culture.

Details of the project

New Taipei City Danshui Area Sewer System BOT Project

Sewer System Design and Construction, including Public Main Sewer, Branch Sewer of Danshui Area, Taipei Taiwan 

  • Project concession period: 35 yearsDanshui Area Sewer System BOT Project
    Start date: June 2005
  • Project scope
    1. Sewers network system construction and operation
    2. 56,000-ton sewage treatment plant construction and operation
  • Project scale
    Population served: 160,000 persons
    Total length of pipeline: 52,666 meters
    Wastewater treatment capacity: 56,000 cubic meters/day
    Treatment process: adapting a tertiary biological treatment to comply with effluent standards and an anaerobic sludge digestion to produce methane for available fuel onsite use.
  • Project investment
    Construction: NT$3.5 billion (US$109 million)
    Operation: NT$3.8 billion (US$119 million)


  Danshui Area Sewer System BOT Project  Danshui Area Sewer System BOT Project  Danshui Area Sewer System BOT Project

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North Shore Corp.
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